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Domestic Violence


Houston, Texas Domestic Violence Lawyer

Many of these cases should of never been filed. There are times the States make a mountain out of an ant hill.  You need to hire an attorney ASAP to protect your rights. Many people fail to fully grasp how an allegation of domestic violence can adversely affect their life. In fact, it not only jeopardizes their freedom, but also adversely affects their family, employment, reputation and social image. Even if you successfully complete deferred you cannot seal your record.  You need an attorney to shut the case down and not have it ruin your life in the future. You should not take allegations of domestic violence lightly; contact attorney Penny Wymyczak White for a free consultation.  If it is a felony we may be able to present the case to grand jury.

Texas law defines domestic violence as the reckless infliction of physical harm upon a family or household member. A simple push is enough if the victim claims to have suffered pain. Penny Wymyczak White defends people throughout, Texas, charged with assault against a spouse, child, parent, sibling or close roommate. With over 20 years of criminal law experience, attorney Penny Wymyczak White has the necessary insight to protect you from these serious criminal charges.

It is important to understand that an arrest for domestic violence can lead the court to issue an emergency protective order, which prohibits you from going within a certain distance of the victim. If you live with the victim, the order will prohibit you from returning home until the order expires or the court lifts it. If you violate a protective order, the state can charge you with an additional crime.

The Law Offices of Penny Wymyczak White defends people against domestic violence charges related to:

  • Domestic/Spousal abuse – Claims made by a family member or close roommate
  • Child abuse – Allegations made by a child concerning inappropriate physical violence
  • Assault – Charges related to physical threats made by a close personal relation

If a court convicts you of domestic violence, the penalties you face can be severe, including jail time, probation, lose your right to carry a firearm and damage to your reputation. These are serious allegations that can affect the rest of your life. For more information, contact highly-skilled criminal defense lawyer, Penny Wymyczak White.

Under the new Texas Family if there is a finding of family violence the sixty day waiting period to get a divorce is waived.  You also will never be able to get primary custody of your children

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