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Drug Crimes and Possession Defense Lawyer, Houston, Texas

Keep Your Mouth Shut And Never Consent.

Drug Crimes and Possession Defense Lawyer, Houston, Texas.

Drug crimes can be a serious offense, leading to license suspension, probation and even time in prison or jail. You may be eligible for probation but the conditions they can put on probation can make your life miserable. You can be charged with a drug crime for the possession, sale, delivery, trafficking or manufacture of drugs. I defend clients involved with all kinds of drugs charged. My goal is to beat the case if I can. I will research, research, and research.

In the case of drug possession, I investigate whether the evidence against you was lawfully obtained and question whether your Constitutional rights were violated by the police in their search and seizure of the drugs. If you rights were violated I will do a motion to suppress.

If you have a valid prescription your case may be dismissed.

Never consent to your car or house being searched. Many of my clients would not have been arrested if they had refused to allow the police to search. If the police are asking for permission to search they do not have a right to search. YOUR ANSWER IS NO THEY CAN NOT SEARCH.

Regardless of your charges, it is important to hire a defense lawyer in Houston, Texas that can create a strong defense and protect your rights throughout the trial process.

If you have been charged with a drug crime or are under investigation for a drug crime in Houston or any of the surrounding Texas communities you will need a defense attorney who has a proven track record of litigating drug crime cases in a court of law.

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