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Motion to Revoke Probation? Talk to Penny Wymyczak-White. Know Your Rights.

Probation can have a lot of complications and a lot of details. If you fail to meet all the requirements of your probation, you can be taken to jail and held without bond until your hearing. What should you do?

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There are many reasons why you may be subject to a motion to revoke probation. You may be in technical violation, or the probation office may have made a mistake. You may be confused by the requirements.

Whatever the reason, I am ready to help you and will present your case effectively and efficiently.

  • Were you late on a payment of a fine or restitution? That could start a probation revocation action.
  • Did you leave the city or county without appropriate permission from a probation officer? Were you confused about the rules? Did circumstances keep you from getting back on time?
  • Did you miss a probation appointment because of work or illness?
  • Did you fail a UA (urinalysis) test? Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to appeal the results.
  • Did you fail to wear a leg monitor? Were you unable to pay for the leg monitor?

Act quickly to deal with a motion to revoke probation. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney right now. I will take immediate action to present your defense to a judge, get bond for you, and defend you against the motion.

Even a small technical violation of your probation can mean no bond and a stay in jail until your hearing. Understand your rights and obligations in the probation process. Talk to a lawyer now.

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