A person commits an offense if he forges a writing with the intent to defraud or harm another.

To forge means to alter any writing so that it’s purposed to be the act of another who did not authorize that actor to issue, transfer or publish a writing that is forged.


A state jail felony, if it is a writing purposed to be a will, codicil, deed, trust, mortgage, check, credit card, or similar order for payment.

Third Degree Felony if the writing purposed to be is the issue of stamps, money, or securities or other instruments issued by the government.

I had a young client charged with forgery and successfully obtained a no bill from the Grand Jury . My client had answered an ad on Craiglist and thought she had been hired on a part time job. My client was very excited when she received her first pay check in the mail. When my client attempted to cash the paycheck the police were called and she was arrested. I gathered all the evidence needed to convince the Grand Jury that my client was a victim. My client now can expunge her record and no one will ever know that she was arrested for forgery.