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Many people do not realize that often criminal cases can be resolved in ways other than in the courtroom. It is important to contact an aggressive criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. I have handled more than 1000’s of criminal cases. From my law firm in Houston, Texas, I have obtained successful results for my clients who have been charged with a variety of crimes.

Oftentimes, cases can be resolved or dismissed before you are questioned by police, arrested and charged, or had a criminal case filed against you. My aggressive approach and meticulous attention to pre-indictment investigation matters is responsible for my high success rate.

As an assertive Houston criminal defense lawyer, I have made many complex grand jury presentations and had numerous cases no-billed as a result. By leaving no stone unturned during my investigations and negotiations, I can often prevent clients from being charged or indicted with any criminal charge. This has saved my clients from embarrassment and serious disruptions in their employment and family life.

I absolutely love presenting cases to the grand jury. Depending on the case I have used private investigators and polygraph test results. You cannot use polygraphs in a jury trial but you can in Grand jury proceedings. If the grand jury no bills your case it is over and we never have to go back to court. My favorite case was when my young client was charged with shooting another teenager. When they arrested my client they added the charge of aggravated assault on a police officer because my client hit and spit on the police officers. The grand jury no billed my client on both charges and I sued the homeowner who provided the gun and was able to collect policy limits which was $300,000.00. I also expunged my client’s record.

My second favorite case was an arson case in which my client was accused of setting her own house on fire. They charged my client with arson and insurance fraud. I presented the case to the grand jury and they no billed my client on both charges. I then assisted my client with her insurance claim for her fire damage and obtained policy limits.

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