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Standing Up for the Accused 

Tenacious Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston, Texas

There is no such thing as a light criminal charge, so why would you settle for a lawyer who only dips a toe in criminal defense? At the Law Office of Penny Wymyczak-White, I focus on criminal defense. Since 1986, I have practiced law in the Houston Harris County Texas and am extremely familiar with the Texas legal system.

If you are being charged with a serious crime, such as DWI or sexual assault, then you need to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. Call me toll free at 888-629-3084 or contact me online. At the Law Office of Penny Wymyczak-White, we are waiting to help you now.

Do not waive any of your Miranda Rights, including the right to remain silent. Before speaking to the police, speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

I Will Make Sure That You are Treated Fairly by the Court

Many times, when you are charged with a serious criminal offense, you are treated as if you are already guilty. Publicly, coverage of the charges can be humiliating. In a short amount of time, things can unravel so far that you feel you will never be able to recover.

When charged with something like sexual assault, backlash can be immediate and harsh. People are ready to judge the situation immediately. I understand that no case is one-dimensional. For example, during a divorce or custody case, one parent may prompt a child to make false claims of sexual abuse to affect the outcome of custodial rights.

I honestly believe that everyone is innocent until they are proven guilty. I will aggressively fight for your rights no matter what charges you are facing.

Experience Handling a Variety of Criminal Charges

As a criminal defense attorney, I can represent you if you have been charged with:

I can also assist you with record expunction and petitions for non-disclosure of your record. To learn more, visit my frequently asked questions page.

Call me toll free at 888-629-3084 or contact me online to learn more about how I may be able to help you.

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