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A criminal arrest can affect you long after your case has been resolved. Even though you were never convicted, a record of your arrest will show up in a background check. As a result, you might have difficulty obtaining a job, being admitted to the college of your choice or even renting an apartment. Penny Wymyczak White offers a free attorney consultation to evaluate whether your criminal record can be sealed or cleared through nondisclosure or the expunction process. IF YOU WERE CONVICTED OF THE CRIMINAL CHARGE YOU CANNOT EXPUNGE YOUR RECORD.

When you can seek nondisclosure of your criminal record

Texas now offers deferred adjudication for criminal charges. Under deferred adjudication, you will receive probation instead of a jail sentence. If you successfully complete the probation, the charges against you will be dismissed. Through the process of nondisclosure, you can even seal the fact that you were arrested.

Non-disclosure seals your arrest records from the public. This means that employers, landlords and most other people conducting background checks won’t see your criminal records. However, your arrest record will remain visible to law enforcement and some governmental entities.

Many crimes can be sealed through the nondisclosure process. However, violent crimes, sex crimes and DWI cannot. Some misdemeanor charges do not have a waiting period.

Other misdemeanors have a two year waiting period and felonies have a five year waiting period. You cannot have any convictions after you were released from deferred. It is in your best interest to file a non disclosure as soon as you are eligible.

When you can seek expunction of your criminal record

If you have been charged with a crime but the charges were dismissed, no billed or you were found not guilty, you can have your criminal arrest record cleared or expunged through the expunction process. You can also seek an expunction in Texas if you are pardoned by the governor.

In Texas, an expunction clears your record as if the arrest never happened.

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